Saturday, 22 August 2009

New award

Sorry I am a bit behind. Thanks to Maxine for this award.
The rules for this award are

1. Make reference to award and publish it on your blog

2. Share 5 things you like to do

3. And share with 10 blogs

4. Inform each blog

The 5 things I like to do are
Crafting-paper bag albums, cards
Buying baby things at the mo
Eating chocolate
Spending time with my husband
Ooh not sure on the last one, can I split the first one?

Sorry can't think of 10 but I would like to pass it on to the following people.



  1. Thank you Kathrine for thinking of li'le ol' me!! I'll put it on my side bar, or down the bottom with a link back to you!! Thank you again for thinking of me!

    PS.Did you ever find the one I left for you? I was having problems with blogger so had to keep going back to it, I'm sure I emailed people but didn't have that much response so was beginning to think maybe they didn't know!! I'll come back again with the link to it as it was the beginning of August, I think.


  2. Hi Katherine,
    thanks for the award. It was lovely of you to think of me.
    Julie x

  3. Thank you so much Katherine for passing on this wonderful award. I will add it to my blog soon.
    Hope you are well, must catch up soon
    hugs rozzy xx