Saturday, 24 January 2009

New awards

I would like to say a very big thank you to Rozzy for the above awards. She has given me the Kreative Award, the Lemonade Award and the One Lovely Blog award.
I am new to the world of blogs so it is great to be recognised so early on, although I am limited to blogs I have visited so will have to think who to pass them on to.

For the Kreative Award you have to nominate 5 people who inspire you and why.
I would like to nominate
Rozzy. I know she has given me the award. Although Rozzy is quite new to stamping it is partly thanks to her that I started buying Penny Black stamps. Also her albums are fabulous. It is thanks to her that I started making paper bag albums a few months ago.
Maxine. Maxine's cards are always so cute. It is thanks to some of Maxine's cards that I have bought a Lily and Milo stamp.
Andrea. Andreas cards are always so cute or sophisticated.
Claire and May. It is thanks to Claire and May that I have got some lovely ideas for the Cuttlebug(I may not have used them as yet). It is also after seeing their cards and atc's that I bought a Tilda Stamp before christmas.

For the Lemonade Award you have to nominate 5 people who have shown great attitude or grattitude within the last week.
Rozzy-Has been such a great listener to me.
Jude-Does all her crafting despite illness
Claire-Does all her crafting despite illness and always thanks me for comments on Trimcraft
Maxine and Andrea-both always thank me for comments on Trimcraft.

For the One Lovely Blog Award you have to nominate 7 people.
Only got 5 for this one.



  1. thank you Katherine. its very sweet of you to say such kind words about me. Its been a pleasure to have helped as I have never felt I have inspired anyone before, but this past year has been a wonderful year. New beginnings for many of us. happy crafting
    love roz xxx

  2. Hi Katherine thankyou so much for the award and the lovely comment. Lily and Milo stamps are so cute. Maxine

  3. hi there hun, thankyou soooooooo much for my award and for all the wonderful comments you haveleft me this weekend - I really do appreciate them. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend

  4. Thank you so much Katherine, i'm honoured. i will update my blog later in the week xx

  5. Thank you Katherine for thinking of me. I've added your name to the award on my blog. I really appreciate it.
    Take care,
    Julie x